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Dr. Siddharth Lakhani Dr. Siddharth Lakhani

Dr. Siddharth Lakhani

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  • MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Nephrology, DNB - Nephrology

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About “Dr. Siddharth Lakhani”

Dr. Siddharth Lakhani is a highly qualified and accomplished Nephrologist and Renal Specialist with 15 years of comprehensive experience, including 7 years of specialization. He has earned recognition for his outstanding academic achievements and clinical expertise in the field.

Dr. Lakhani completed his MD in Medicine from the prestigious JJ Hospital, where he secured the top position in his class. Subsequently, he pursued specialization in Nephrology at KEM Hospital, Mumbai, where he attained his DM and DNB in Nephrology.

With a focus on providing exceptional care, Dr. Siddharth Lakhani has become a renowned expert in kidney transplantation, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and the treatment of both acute and chronic kidney diseases. His proficiency extends to interventions such as temporary and permanent dialysis catheter placements, renal biopsy, and peritoneal catheter insertions.

Throughout his career, Dr. Lakhani has managed over 2000 chronic kidney disease patients and has been actively involved in the care of kidney transplant recipients. His expertise in dialysis catheters (temporary/tunneled), renal biopsy, and peritoneal catheter insertions reflects his commitment to providing a wide range of services to his patients.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Siddharth Lakhani has contributed significantly to the field by providing insights on the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disorders. His dedication to improving the quality of life for individuals coping with kidney diseases is evident through his holistic approach to patient care. Dr. Lakhani stands as a distinguished figure in the field of Nephrology, revered for his academic excellence, clinical skills, and compassionate patient care.

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