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Staying healthy: For active computer users

Staying healthy: For active computer users

  • June 24, 2019

Computers come in all sizes and everyone form toddlers, adults to our old folks are actively using them these days. Irrespective of the the reason to use these devices, professional or play, if you spend long hours sitting in front of the computer then you are one of those who need to look after their health more than the people who don’t use computers.

An average Indian adult spends 8-11 hours in front of a computer screen, phone or tablet screen per day which takes a toll on their health. Long periods of computer usage can increase your chances of developing health related issues, which can be either posture related or physiological.

You can reduce or avoid these risks with correct furniture, better posture and good habits. Sticking to the following rules can help you:

Be posture perfect

If you are in a profession where you have to spend hours in front of computer then you may end having posture related problems in neck, back, shoulders, wrists, etc. Keep your body relatively healthier by sitting with your back and neck relaxed, keeping your screen at such a position that you look straight into the screen. Keep your wrists and elbows at a level and use your finger tips for typing.

Eye Alert

If you’re an editor, content writer or proof reader, make sure your office is properly lit. Your workshop needs to be bright enough and should not strain your eyes. Adjust your computer screen brightness. Blink your eyes regularly and try to rest your eyes after every 20 minutes.

Regular Breaks

When you spend hours in front of the computer, it becomes important give your body break after every 1 hour. Take a five-minute walk in your office or sip a glass of water. Look outside the window and gaze trees or birds in the sky.

Eat, Drink, Exercise, Repeat

In this competitive world people are so engaged in their work that they forget to drink and eat leading to various digestive problems. Dehydration is also one of the common scenario. Late night parties, early morning office is also one reason which disturbs body cycle leading to decreased immunity.

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