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7 foods to include in your diet to keep you healthy-Inside out!

7 foods to include in your diet to keep you healthy-Inside out!

  • August 31, 2018

No food can make you healthy in a day. However, including foods in your diet that are packed with nutrients will eventually make you healthy inside out. We bring to you list of 7 foods that can help improve your digestive system, boost your heart health and help to maintain healthy weight.

This probiotic maintains digestive system by balancing the friendly gut bacteria.
Recommendation: 100 gm a Day

Contains omega-3 fatty acids, which acts as antioxidants and fights damage due to “bad” LDL cholesterol.
Recommendation: 15 gm per day

Ginger and Garlic
Has antimicrobial, antithrombotic, hypolipidemic, anti-arthritic, hypoglycemic and antitumor effects
Recommendation: Add freshly made ginger garlic paste in your daily food preparation

Garden cress seeds (Halim-Hindi; Aliv-Marathi)
Rich in iron, it helps treating anaemia
Recommendation: 3 tsp of Garden cress seeds along with a glass of lime water

Curry leaves
Manages obesity by reducing triglyceride and cholesterol. Rich source of vitamin B, essential for hair health.
Recommendation: 10- 15 leaves a day

Green coffee
Contains powerful antioxidant, chlorogenic acid. Also has glucose lowering effect.
Recommendation: 2 cups in a Day (before Lunch & Dinner)

Wheat Bran
Rich source of daily fiber. Fiber helps in controlling weight and keeps your Gut healthy.
Recommendation: 10 gm a Day

About the Author 

Pritisha Jadhav 
Diet Specialist 
SRV Hospital

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