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The Ethos

The Ethos

India is a vast country with a population of over 1.3 billion people. The healthcare needs of such a large population are immense, and providing affordable and quality healthcare to all is a significant challenge. The vision of establishing a ‘Hospital with a heart’ that serves the nation reflects the SRV Hospital’s commitment to meeting this challenge and contributing to healthcare development in India. 

SRV’s commitment to good health, the concept of valuing life and building a strong base of trust and loyalty has been epitomized by our everyday practices and performance. It is our endeavor to make people feel safe and comfortable enough to walk into our doors knowing that they will get the right treatment and care, without being manipulated or misused, or being prescribed a line of treatment that they can do without.


Our mission is to empower our patients to achieve their best health by providing personalised care that is compassionate, evidence-based, and informed by the latest advancements in medical technology. We are committed to building a lasting relationship of trust and respect with our patients, and to serving our community with excellence and integrity.


Our vision is to create a healthier India by promoting wellness, preventing illness, and pioneering cutting-edge treatments for all diseases. We aim to be a leader in healthcare innovation and research, working collaboratively with communities, organisations, and individuals to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities. Our ultimate goal is to create a future in which every Indian can access the care they need to live a long, vibrant, and fulfilling life.

Our Values



We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, and are accountable for the resources entrusted to us. We strive to use these resources effectively and efficiently, in order to provide the best possible care and service to our patients and clients.
Committed to high-performance


We treat everyone with respect and dignity, recognizing the inherent worth and value of each individual. We foster a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and fairness, and work to eliminate discrimination and bias in all its forms.

Continuous Learning

We are committed to continuous learning and development, recognizing that healthcare is a rapidly evolving field. We encourage and support ongoing education and training, in order to stay current with the latest advancements in technology, research, and best practices.


We value transparency and open communication, and strive to be honest and forthright in all our dealings. We recognize that trust is essential to our success, and we aim to earn and maintain the public’s trust in us as an organisation. We are committed to sharing information openly and transparently, while respecting patient confidentiality and privacy.
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Specialities & Treatments

SRV Hospital is a state-of-the-art multispecialty tertiary care facility in Goregaon that brings to the community a unique healthcare experience where a community of caregivers works closely with renowned doctors in a collaborative approach to improve both the health of our patients and the practice of medicine.

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