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The Anaesthesiology Department at SRV Hospitals plays an important role in patient care for various conditions and specialties, including planning for surgery, administering anaesthesia, and managing post-surgery recovery. The department is also an essential part of emergency teams for managing critically ill patients and safely transporting them. The team has a wide range of expertise in areas such as pain management, critical care, emergency medicine, general medicine, surgery, and neurology, and is particularly skilled in handling major trauma, resuscitation, and airway management. The goal of the department is to ensure that patients have a smooth and pain-free recovery process.

The Anaesthesia & Pain Management department at SRV Hospitals is staffed by anaesthesiologists, physician assistants, anaesthetist technicians, anaesthetist nurses and respiratory therapists.

At SRV Hospitals, we are dedicated to providing top-notch care to our patients.


Anaesthesia and pain management are two closely related fields that deal with the relief of pain and discomfort during medical procedures. The conditions that are treated under anaesthesia and pain management may include:

Anaesthesia and pain management specialists use a range of techniques to manage pain and discomfort, including medications, nerve blocks, epidural injections, and other procedures. They work closely with other healthcare providers to develop individualised treatment plans that address the specific needs of each patient. The goal is to provide safe and effective pain relief and improve the overall quality of life for patients.


The Anaesthesia & Pain Management department at SRV Hospitals offers the following services:


Advance Treatments with SRV Hospital

Treatment for urologic conditions will depend on the specific condition and the severity of the symptoms. Some common treatments recommended by SRV Hospital include:

Medications: These can include antibiotics for urinary tract infections, pain relievers for kidney stones, and hormone therapy for prostate cancer.

Surgery: This can include procedures such as cystectomy (removal of the bladder), nephrectomy (removal of a kidney), prostatectomy (removal of the prostate), and vasectomy (surgical procedure to prevent pregnancy by cutting or blocking the vas deferens).

Radiation therapy: This can include radiation therapy to shrink tumors and stop its growth.

Non-surgical procedures: These can include lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, physical therapy, and medications to manage symptoms.


Before undergoing surgery, the anesthesiologists will talk to you about managing pain after the procedure. While some level of pain is expected following most surgeries, there are various methods available for managing it, such as taking oral medication, receiving injections for pain control, or using an IV pump. Our team at SRV Hospitals will also provide you with instructions on how to manage pain at home after your surgery.

The anesthesiologists at SRV Hospital in Mumbai are trained to provide various methods of pain management during surgeries or medical procedures. We specialise in both general anaesthesia, where the patient is unconscious during the procedure, and regional anaesthesia, where certain parts of the body are numbed to prevent pain. General anaesthesia has become safer and more efficient, resulting in faster recovery. Additionally, many procedures that previously required general anaesthesia can now be done using regional pain management techniques, which can aid in a quicker recovery.

The Anaesthesiology Department at SRV Hospital plays a crucial role in the care of patients across various clinical conditions and specialties. This department is not only involved in administering anaesthesia during surgery, but also in assessing patients’ fitness and risk levels before surgery, and ensuring continuity of care after surgery to promote safety and recovery. In addition, the department is an important part of the hospital’s cardiac arrest and rapid response teams, providing assistance in transporting patients from other hospitals, facilities, or their homes, as well as managing critically ill patients within the hospital.

The Anaesthesiology Department at SRV Hospital has a wealth of expertise in various fields such as pain management, critical care, emergency medicine, general medicine, surgery, and neurology. The department is particularly skilled in managing situations involving major trauma, resuscitation, and airway management. The dedicated team ensures that patients can smoothly and painlessly return to their normal routines.

Our pain clinic is designed to offer exceptional services to all patients with a focus on quality. It is a unique and advanced facility with a multidisciplinary team that provides compassionate care at affordable rates.

The clinic is furnished with cutting-edge, US-FDA approved digital anesthesia machines that come with digital monitoring capabilities. These machines enable us to capture real-time data and conduct data transfers, which assists us in delivering reliable and efficient anesthesia services.

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