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SRV Hospital’s Speech & Language Therapy Clinic is dedicated to enhancing the speech, voice, and language abilities of children and adults who have disorders. We offer evaluations, diagnoses, and treatment for difficulties with communication. Speech therapy is provided to address various areas of speech and language, such as phonetics, pragmatics, semantics, morphology, and syntax, as well as fluency and voice for infants, children, and adults with communication difficulties.  

The department of Audiology & Speech Therapy at SRV Hospitals also helps identify hearing and speech-related issues and creates a treatment plan to overcome them. We have expert audiologists and speech therapists who assess and treat patients with hearing, balance, language, speech, fluency, voice, communication, and swallowing challenges. 


At SRV Hospitals a thorough diagnosis of speech and hearing disorders is conducted to determine the underlying cause. It is crucial to identify hearing loss in newborns or children with delayed speech development as early detection of the pathology of hearing loss allows for early intervention. The causes of hearing loss can vary, and can be congenital, neurological, or acquired. The assessment at SRV Hospital includes a physical examination, psychological examination, and diagnostic tests to gain a complete understanding of the condition. Sometimes, multiple tests and audiological test protocols are required to make a diagnosis. Similarly, speech and language diagnosis can be achieved through a series of different diagnostic tests, which assist in planning treatment and determining the outcome.

The Speech & Language Therapy Clinic at SRV Hospitals provides complete treatment and care for hearing and speech issue for adults and paediatrics


Speech clinics are specialized healthcare facilities that provide diagnosis, treatment, and management of speech and language disorders. The conditions dealt with by speech clinics may include:
Speech clinics provide a range of diagnostic and therapeutic services to individuals of all ages, including assessment, individual and group therapy, and counseling. The treatment plan will depend on the individual’s specific condition and goals.


The treatment for hearing and speech disorders at SRV Hospitals is based on the underlying causes. Doctors use a combination of traditional methods and advanced technology to create comprehensive and long-term treatment plans. For hearing loss, hearing aids and implants are effective treatment options. Speech impediments may require ongoing work with a speech therapist and an articulation specialist for the most favorable results.


The treatment plan for hearing and speech disorders at SRV Hospitals is determined by the underlying causes of the disorder.

The duration of treatment depends on the individual case and can vary.

Coverage for speech therapy services may vary by insurance plan, so it is best to check with your insurance provider.

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