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Add Movement to Life

Add Movement to Life

  • June 11, 2019

All exercises sound great in the terms of the health benefits they offer, sadly for most of us it is quite a challenge to stick to fitness regimes or routines. Recent studies have proven that keeping your body in movement even for 30 minutes a day can help in improving health considerably and prevent lifestyle diseases.

Here a a few changes in your daily routine that can help you have a more active lifestyle:

Take the stairs

Skip the lift or escalators in your office and at your home at least once a day and make it fun by signup sheet, include your family, friends and colleagues to add a little movement in those knees.

Walk or cycle to your office

Commuting to office in a car does not provide you any physical activity instead of allowing you pressurize the accelerator and brakes. Try to ride bike or walk to office once in a week in order to keep your lungs breathe and open more.

Walk to the shops

Its quite convenient and easy to shop online or just make a call and get your stuff at your doorstep, which is good in a way, because the delivery boy gets a job. But try to give yourself a little joy of bargaining and do a little window shopping too which in turn would allow your feet to keep moving.

Clean your house

Yes, housework counts, whether you sweat in the garden, mop your floor, clean the ceilings or just arrange the house stuff your abdominal muscles get the chance to squeeze and stretch. Try give your hand and leg muscle a wakeup call by continuously stretching them.

Walk often

Get out of your chair at your office often, try to take a round of your office, grab your cup of coffee by yourself, instead of mailing or making a call, go and speak with your colleague for your requirement.

Walk when you talk

This unique campaign actually works for many of the couch potatoes, it’s not necessary to be static while talking, you can add little fun to your boring lengthy talks by sun fun movements like stretching your legs, rotating your neck or talking a corridor walk while talking.

Moving our muscles makes everything flow smoothly through our body smoothly. So it makes more sense that if our body is in movement we are actually keeping muscles in movement. Being sedentary can lead to health issues like hypertension, obesity, muscle degeneration, poor posture and certain cardiac issues as well. But by adding little movements in our life we are actually committing our body that even though we are not exercising technically but still we will keep things moving and flowing.

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