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Cardiac Arrest / Heart Attack

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Cardiac arrest is a medical emergency that occurs when the heart suddenly stops functioning, causing the person to lose consciousness and stop breathing. Cardiac arrest can be caused by a heart attack, in which the blood flow to the heart is blocked, or by other issues such as an abnormal heart rhythm or a structural problem with the heart. Cardiac arrest is a life-threatening emergency and requires immediate medical attention. If not treated promptly, cardiac arrest can lead to death. It is important to recognize the signs of cardiac arrest and to call for emergency medical assistance immediately if you suspect someone is experiencing cardiac arrest.



Coronary artery disease


High blood pressure



Physical inactivity

Family History



The most effective treatment for cardiac arrest is early defibrillation, which can be performed by trained personnel using a defibrillator. This is a device that delivers an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) may also be necessary to try to keep blood flowing to the body until defibrillation can be performed.

For a heart attack, treatment may include medications to try to dissolve any blood clots blocking the blood flow to the heart, as well as medications to manage pain and other symptoms. In some cases, a procedure such as angioplasty or coronary artery bypass surgery may be necessary to try to restore blood flow to the heart.

It is important to seek medical attention immediately if you suspect you or someone else is experiencing a cardiac arrest or heart attack, as prompt treatment is critical.

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