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Computer users by EyeSmart

Computer users by EyeSmart

  • August 28, 2019

Computers are widely used in almost all walks of our lives including business, work, communication, and entertainment. Computers have helped in increasing efficiency, productivity, and connectivity. But just like all things, anything excessive can be harmful. Too many hours spent in front of the computer can cause eye problems, vision disorders, and even affect productivity.

Researchers have revealed that untreated vision problems not only result in discomfort but also affects the performance of the individual by 20%. If you are a computer user and you have to spend continuous and major of your time in front of the computer than you don’t have compromise your eye sight or performance, but need to follow some of the following steps.

  • Regular Eye check-ups: Visit your ophthalmologist on a regular basis for healthy eye check-ups in order to understand your eye health status. The doctor will not only tell you about the eye health but will also help you improve eye health with certain lifestyle changes.
  • Wear proper eyewear: Its always advised to wear proper eyewear at the time computer usage. There are eyeglasses tailored for computer use and can provide comfort and reduce strain from prolonged hours in front of the monitor. If you wear contact lenses, consider using eyeglasses when you’re on the computer. Contact lenses can become dry and uncomfortable when worn for an extensive amount of time.
  • Blink your eyes: In some cases, concentrating on work can lessen the times that a person blinks, and this can be harmful to the eyes especially when you’re working on the computer. Not blinking can result to dry eyes. More so, environment in most workplaces are dry, which causes tears to easily evaporate. Artificial tears are also an option in worst case scenarios.
  • 20-20-20 Rule: For every twenty minutes, look away from the computer, shift your gaze and focus to an object that’s 20 feet or more away, and do it for 20 seconds. It helps relieve digital eye strain and relax the eyes.
  • Adjust Display Settings: The brightness of your computer screen should be leveled in a similar way with the lighting in your surroundings. If your monitor appears like a main light source, it may be too bright. Meanwhile, it may be too dark if the display appears dull. Meanwhile, the size of font on your computer shouldn’t be too small to the point that you have to squint or move your eyes closer in order to read them. More so, keep text black with a white backdrop, because it provides the ideal contrast that your eyes can handle.

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