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Coping with Exam Stress

Coping with Exam Stress

  • February 25, 2019

The night before exam is like night before Christmas, we can’t sleep and we expect a miracle to happen. There are many of us who may have not taken exams but we are sure sure majority of us can relate to the nail biting, shivering hands, sweaty palm, ice-cold feet and numb fingers. These are all the some of the most common tells that you can observe outside in students in and out of examination hall.

Working towards exam can create feelings of worry, stress and pressure, sometimes that pressure can become incredibly overwhelming but remember help is always at a hand.

Exam stress/anxiety occurs due to excessive worry about upcoming exams, fear of being evaluated and apprehensions about the consequences. Every individual is unique and the way the body reacts to every situation differs as well. Some people prepare a lot and some don’t even feel the pressure of scoring what they deserve.

On the other hand, some youngsters worry a lot, feel tense, get lots of headaches and stomach ache, they don’t sleep well, act irritable, loose interest in normal food or eating habits, they don’t enjoy normal activities and feel negative.

How to relieve stress

It’s all in your perspective

Remember that while we do stress on academic excellence, how you perform in exams does not define your actual potential. Even while applying for jobs, employers focus more on your attitude and aptitude towards the task viz-a-viz what your score says on that subject. Once you are done with the exam, don’t think much too about it as well, it won’t change your score.

Get organized

Exams are a time-bound challenge, plan your schedule according the days left for exams, give sufficient time for revision from the very first day of the schedule. Allocate time as per the difficulty level of the exams as well as the weight-age of marks they carry.

Keep in mind, no one can study whole day, give yourself proper rest and don’t panic if you are little diverted from your schedule.

Some good habits won’t go amiss

Indulge yourself in good habits. Taking proper rest increases your concentration ability therefore, sleep at least 8 hours before going for exam. Eat a healthy diet, you should not be too low or too high in sugar. Avoid too much caffeine, keep exercising and walking to prevent getting any body aches. Your brain will concentrate less on the studies if it’s too busy keep tabs on your body and healing.

Don’t set ridiculous goals for yourself, know your limits. Don’t cut away from family or social groups as it is not going to help you but would push you more towards depression and anxiety.


Talk to your parents and friends, seek their help in getting rid of the anxiety and use their experience in helping yourself.

It is the responsibility of the guardians/parents to make sure that their kids are not under any undue pressure. Observe their activities, talk to them, counsel them, tell them you are proud of them and everyone has faced this situation and he/she will also come well out of it.

Find your Mantra

Don’t stress. Do your best. Forget the rest!

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