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Fighting Anxiety Disorders

Fighting Anxiety Disorders

  • January 12, 2019

Everyone feels anxious now and then. Sometimes it may be due to issues at work, before taking an exam or making a decision that could have a huge impact on your life. It is NORMAL to feel anxiety in such instances.

Anxiety becomes an illness or a disorder when the feeling of fear and worry are strong enough to interfere one’s daily activities. Symptoms may include stress that is out of proportion to the impact of the event and inability to set aside worry and restlessness.

Anxiety disorder may manifest in form of panic attacks, specific phobias (like claustrophobia), fear uneasiness disturbed sleep, cold and sweaty body, numb and tingling hand, dry mouth, tense muscles, trembling hands, dizziness etc. With any of the above complaints you must visit a general practitioner/doctor and if he finds no visible medical reason for the same, he may send you to a psychiatrist.

Most of the fight to get rid of anxiety will involve quite simply transitioning to a healthier lifestyle in tandem with counselling and medication depending on the severity of the disorder.

Medicines and Seeking Help

Medicines are most common and easily available. They are called anxiolytic medicines. They are quick acting and will give relief for example Diazepam, alprazolam. Though one must look to their physician for prescriptions.

Counselling and Psychotherapy mostly involve identifying and manage the triggers for your anxiety disorder and the introducing a change in your unhealthy thinking and behavioral pattern. You will also work together with your therapist to develop positive techniques for coping with your symptoms.

Lifestyle Modifications

To keep the body in good health is your duty otherwise you will not be able to keep your mind strong and clear. A steady sleep routine, timely meals and activities like Yoga, meditation, jogging, biking etc. will go a long way in checking anxiety attacks.

If you could learn relaxation of the body and mind through meditation, there is nothing better than that. It is recommended to do meditation daily, ideally both in the morning and in the evening if possible.

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Dr. J N Nayak
SRV Mamata Hospital

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