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Getting Ready for Monsoon

Getting Ready for Monsoon

  • June 3, 2019

Monsoon comes with the kiss of rain, fragrance of soil, relaxation from heat and lots & lots of muddy puddles to jump into. However, it’s not just us who wait for the rains, it’s the animals, insects and birds, reptiles, bacteria and viruses who enjoy this season as well.

While it a gala time for everything that breathes, it is certainly not harmless one. For you to stay safe and enjoy the rains to the fullest there are some simple tips to follow.

Increase your Vitamin C intake

Monsoon is the best time to flourish for viruses and bacteria. Incidences of allergies, viral fevers, fungal infections and other skin related infections shoots up in this season. In order to remain healthy one needs to increase their immunity and the best way to increase your immunity is increase intake of vitamin C. Eat sprouts, green vegetables and juicy fruits like oranges, grapes as such fruits fulfill the need of vitamin C in body.

Avoid junk food

If you frequent street food stalls (fruits and juice included) regularly, it’s time you rethink that part of your day. In monsoon, our roads are full of potholes which is a common breeding place of microorganisms and bacteria. The more the food is exposed to air the more is the chance of it getting infected and you falling sick.

Avoid storing stagnant water

Avoid storing water in containers, open water-pots, flower pots, vases and ensure that places near your house with puddles are cleaned/removed regularly. These places are breeding hot spots for mosquitoes that put you at risk for dengue and malaria.

Using disinfectant in water

Dancing in natural rain is one of the biggest blessings a man has from nature, we wait the entire year to get those first drops on our face, but these drops bring a lot of microorganisms and infections if you don’t sterilize yourself. Always remember to wash your hands and feet once coming back and also make sure to take bath with Dettol, Savlon or Betadine in order to keep the microorganisms away from yourself.

Iron your clothes

It’s true that washing helps in removing the harmful bacteria out of your clothes but our wardrobe containing lots of clothes and no sunlight make it a perfect place for microorganisms growth. Ironing your clothes help in removing all the bacteria as the heat from steam or iron kills them.

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