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Healthy Hair in Monsoon

Healthy Hair in Monsoon

  • July 6, 2019

After the long hot summer arrives monsoon, a mere word that brings a big smile on the face of all rain lovers. Rain dancing, rain boats and all things fried with piping hot tea are almost ritual like this season. Rain refreshes us from the scotching heat of summer which is very harsh on our hair and scalp but we often forget what excessive humidity can do to the hair.

Here are some quick tips to ensure your hair and scalp stay healthy during monsoon:

Understand the reason: The solution to every problem lies in the depth of understanding the problem. There are very few people who understand the root cause of hair fall. It is a medical fact that the monsoon can cause damage to your hair. Monsoon can make your hair sticky due to excessive humidity which increases hair fall, dandruff and split ends.

Keep your hair dry: No matter how much you are a rain lover, make sure that your hair is dry. Rainwater is acidic and dirty, so it will damage your hair. Use a soft microfiber towel in order to dry your hair, as it will help in reducing friction between hair and towel.

Moisturize your hair with regular oiling: Though your hair is sticky, greasy and wet, you still need a warm champi on a regular basis to keep your hair healthy. Regular massaging helps in nourishing your hair roots and strengthening your hairs. Wash your hair 30 minutes post your oil massage. You can mix 4-5 essential oils with water and apply them regularly to nourish your hair. While looking for oils, you should always choose the one that contains natural ingredients.

Take care of your diet: Who doesn’t love to eat pakodas with chai, but too much of oily and greasy foods along with humidity leads to hair fall or weakening of hair strands. So watch your diet, eat healthy food including high protein, vitamins and minerals. Include sprouts and flax seeds in your diet in order to have good quality hair.

Avoid Hair styling, drying or coloring: Blow drying your hair may help in quick drying of hair but it’s an unhealthy practice as it weakens hair. Instead of dryer try using towel for tapping and drying hair. Avoid coloring your hair in this season as it may lead to weakening of your strands, use herbal henna, ambla or tea water.

Use a wide toothed comb: Monsoon season is accompanied with lots of air which entangles hair, above all, damp hair breaks easily. In order to avoid all the tangles use wide toothed comb and if you are using brush make sure the brush is soft teethed. Avoid using wooden combs as it develops fungus, which can further aggravate hair problems.

With those pearls of wisdom, you can keep your hair healthy, safe, and glossy even during the rains. With proper hair care, you can enjoy the rain even when they are wet.

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