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Hypertension, can’t be me…

Hypertension, can’t be me…

  • May 17, 2019

“I don’t eat much, I don’t add extra salt to my food, I regularly get up from my seat at work. I can’t have hypertension.” Despite the astonishing prevalence of hypertension among the Indian population, people still struggle with the diagnosis of hypertension. Diagnosis of any disease becomes acceptable when the patient faces some symptoms or the understand its causes. But hypertension is one silent killer which generally rarely causes symptoms and has such a wide range of causes that people tend to ignore or are unaware of many of them.

Fortunately, hypertension screening is not painful and it can be controlled effectively. Whenever we talk about hypertension we speak about its effect of heart damage, kidney damage, liver damage, brain damage, etc. leaving a question in mind is it so dangerous? The answer to the question is yes it is but at the same time it is controllable and if controlled we can manage to come out of such deadly life threatening diseases. Also knowing the causes of hypertension is also a major step in curing it. General public are unaware of certain causes which can be responsible for hypertension.

Heart is a muscle which pumps blood into the blood arteries and veins, this pumping action create pressure. If the person has high blood pressure it means that the walls of arteries are continuously too much of force. Normal blood pressure of a human body is 120/80, values above which are generally considered high blood pressure. Certain population has a tendency of having blood pressure on a higher side and is known as essential blood pressure, and has no established cause for the same.

Risk Factors

Risk of blood pressure increases as the patient becomes older as the blood vessels become less flexible.

Family History
People with close family members suffering from hypertension have a higher risk of getting hypertension.

Obese people are more likely to suffer from hypertension.

Gender also affects hypertension; adult men are more likely to suffer from hypertension as compared to adult female. Post 55 years of age females are more likely to suffer from hypertension.

Physical inactivity
Lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle is also one of the major reasons for hypertension these days.

Tobacco intake increases the risk of hypertension, as it diminishes the blood vessels.

Alcohol intake
Inappropriate amount of alcohol intake dramatically raises the blood pressure, which can lead to heart stroke and irregular heartbeat.

Age, family history and gender are some of the risk factors which cannot be controlled however, certain lifestyle changes can help a person manage hypertension.

Managing Hypertension

In order to keep blood pressure under control for long term, one should maintain intake of salt, saturated fats, sugar containing beverages. Also the intake fibrous vegetable and fruits needs to be increased. Rely more on plant based foods as compared to animal based foods. Restrict consumption of alcohol.

Physical activity
It’s a common myth prevalent among the general public that only exercise which involve brisk physical activity is helpful but the truth is any kind of body movement is beneficial. Do something which is fun along with continuous physical activity.

Weight Loss
Weight loss plays a major role in maintaining the blood pressure. Every human body is different and requirements for every body is different from another. Don’t weigh more than once a week, make a habit of eating less than hunger.

Sleep is important for almost all the body activities. It’s important to maintain a 7 hour sleep. Adopt a regular schedule for sleep. Ensure undistributed and uninterrupted sleep.

Stress is a natural process, but being skilled and powers can help us maintain the stress level which ultimately helps in maintaining the blood pressure. Instead of being surprised that you are diagnosed with hypertension, stay calm and understand the reasons and causes of your hypertension. Be optimistic with right steps at the right time, one is able to maintain the blood pressure and lead their life with all fun and folic.

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