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Regular Health Screenings a Preventive Medicine

Regular Health Screenings a Preventive Medicine

  • August 7, 2022

The human body is a complex machine. It is a network of different organs, bones, muscles, and systems. Owing to the fact that the functioning of the human body is multifaceted, one needs to ensure regular health check-ups. While for most of us getting a health check-up is on our to do list, its often lost on us for one reason or another, until we fall sick and the doctor asks us to undergo one. We believe individuals should get a health check-up done on a regular basis to solidify their good health and wellness.

Many diseases do not have major symptoms until it’s too late. The mild symptoms might get ignored in our busy lives. It is important to detect the disorder. at an early stage and eliminated as soon as possible before it reaches a dangerous and incurable stage or starts to affect the other parts of the body.

These are three key advantages of getting a health check-up:

  • You know the condition or state of your health. Health check-up clears the ambiguity around status of your health, in a way empowering all of us with the information.
  • You can prevent diseases that may be in their early stages
  • You can get a preventive treatment/ care to of a disease whose symptoms might not have shown up yet
  • If a person’s eating or living habits are affecting their health, a health check-up can be an indicator of the same and can help to curb harmful habits and let a person live a happier and healthier life.

Do I need a health check-up?

Every individual should undergo regular health check-up after the age of 25. As heart, lung, bowel, liver and kidney disease are among the most common causes of long-term illness in India, early detection is an important form of disease prevention. The interval at which these health check-ups should be done varies from person to person. Normally once a year but for some special cases it would be lesser than a year.

Some of the most common check-ups that need to be conducted are checking blood pressure levels, biyearly dental check-ups and cleaning, cholesterol and level of glucose, and regular blood tests. For those who are sexually active, it is important that you consult a doctor to get regular check-ups and screenings and if you’re a woman to get a yearly pap smear.

The Older the more Cautious

Once you step into your 40s, in addition to all the tests which are required at the age of 20, add the following to your list.

  • Diabetes
  • Eye Check-up for Glaucoma
  • Mammogram for Women
  • Heart Check-up
  • Pap Smear

In your 50’s and 60’s, add some more to your list

  • Bone Density Scan for osteoporosis
  • Faecal occult blood test
  • Tests for visual and hearing impairment
  • Tests for cardiovascular disease

Health Check Instructions

  • Some health checks might require fasting. You may drink water. Please check the instructions for the health check you are taking
  • Completely abstain from alcohol at least 12 hrs prior to the check-up.
  • The men should shave their chest to ensure a good ECG/Tread Mill Test.
  • If you are wearing lenses, should remove them 2 days prior to the Health Check Up.
  • Wear loose clothing, No jewelry (Necklaces/Chains) and easily removable footwear.
  • If you are diabetic, avoid taking your insulin injections/anti diabetic tablets on the morning of Health Check-up.
  • Carry your insulin/anti-diabetic tablets which you can have before or after your breakfast. Other regular medication can be taken as instructed by the doctor.
  • Take all your earlier (Within 1-3 Years) Medical records and medical accessories like glasses, hearing aid if you have any when you come for Health Check Up.
  • Certain tests like x-rays are not to be done if you are likely to be pregnant.
  • For Females, during menstruation (menses) PAP SMEAR test cannot be done
  • There are special instructions for CT and MRI scans.

Make sure you get tested at regular intervals, eat healthily, and steer away from habits that may affect your body, exercise regularly and adhere to basic preventive measures. Regular health check-ups are essential because they help identify potential problems at an early stage. A healthy mind and body are something that we often take for granted. All it takes is a little bit of attention on our part and good health is not that far from what one imagines.

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