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TheJointStory: Increased pain during winters

TheJointStory: Increased pain during winters

  • December 14, 2018

When winter starts approaching all those people who are suffering from joint pains are the first one to suffer. As we all know there are two types of arthritis which are most commonly seen in the community.

One is Osteoarthritis and another one is Rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is degenerative disease of the joint with age while Rheumatoid arthritis is autoimmune disease which can happen at any age. Both these forms worsen once the atmospheric temperature drops.

Every Joint is surrounded by nerves which carry pain sensation, once they are stimulated by stretching. In winter the joints shrink or swell depending on the temperature of the surrounding resulting in stretching of the nerve leading to pain.

How can we prevent this pain?


Exercise – regular exercise helps preventing pain in winter. It brings about warmth in the concerned joints and fights against pain. It is better to do indoor exercises when the temperature is too low outside. Yoga, aerobic exercises, indoor cycling etc. should be tried

Layer Up

Prevention of heat loss from body can be stopped by wearing warm clothes, especially covering the head, neck, hands and feet.


Hydrate – adequate hydration has to be maintained during winter season. The urge to drink water is less during winter, sometimes that can lead to pain in joints.

Joint Nourishment

Joint supplements – there are various products available in the market for joint nourishment. It is advisable to meet your orthopaedic surgeon before starting any of them. The supplements in right proportion and adequate duration certainly benefit during winter season

Treat Vitamin D and Calcium deficiencies

Vitamin D and calcium supplements are required to maintain the integrity of the bone and cartilage. They keeps the bone and muscle healthy which invariably reduces joint pain.

And last but not the least…any chronic pain in the knee joint which mandates one pain killer a day compulsorily, or which affects sleep and social life, has to be replaced to get long term permanent relief.

About the Author
Dr. Raju Gite
Orthopaedic Surgeon
SRV Mamata Hospital

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