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Dr. Tejinder Singh Dr. Tejinder Singh

Dr. Tejinder Singh

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  • MBBS, MD - Medicine, DM - Oncology

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About “Dr. Tejinder Singh”

Dr. Tejinder Singh is a distinguished specialist in Medical Oncology, renowned for his expertise in the comprehensive management and treatment of cancer patients. His extensive training and dedication to advancing the field of oncology have established him as a trusted healthcare provider, known for his compassionate approach and commitment to improving patient outcomes.

Dr. Singh completed his specialized training in medical oncology at the renowned Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology in Bangalore, a leading institution recognized for its excellence in cancer care. During his tenure at the institute, he garnered invaluable experience in the management of both solid and hematological tumors, developing a particular proficiency in administering chemotherapy and managing the associated side effects.

His dedication to advancing cancer care is further evidenced by his active participation in stem cell-related activities and his hands-on experience in performing autologous bone marrow transplants. Dr. Singh has successfully conducted at least 20 autologous bone marrow transplants, demonstrating his expertise and skill in utilizing advanced treatment modalities to provide personalized care to his patients.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Tejinder Singh has demonstrated a commitment to advancing the field of oncology through his involvement in clinical research. He has actively participated in several phase I, II, and III clinical trials, contributing to the development and evaluation of innovative treatment strategies and therapies for cancer patients.

Furthermore, Dr. Singh has completed advanced training in the “Essentials of Palliative Care,” emphasizing his holistic approach to patient care and his dedication to addressing the multifaceted needs of cancer patients, including symptom management, pain relief, and quality of life enhancement.

Through his exceptional clinical expertise, dedication to research, and commitment to compassionate patient care, Dr. Tejinder Singh continues to make significant contributions to the field of medical oncology. His unwavering commitment to improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of cancer care solidifies his reputation as a leading specialist in medical oncology, dedicated to providing personalized, evidence-based, and compassionate care to individuals battling cancer.

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